The Club shall be called ‘STOKE ANGLING CLUB’ and have for its objectives the improvements and preservation of the fishing in its waters and to promote the advancement of the art of angling. To carry out the above objectives The Club must have rules, for the purpose of protecting the interests of the owner of the water and surrounding countryside and to cause no inconvenience to other persons carrying out other pastimes and pleasures who have been given the same privilege as The Club in the use of the area. Any person who accepts membership into The Club will be bound by the rules of The Club and by doing so will derive maximum pleasure from their pastime and immediate environment.

1. While fishing, all members shall hold and carry at all times a valid Environment Agency Rod Fishing License (If aged 12 years or over) or proof of age if under 12 years and a Club membership I D Card, all to be produced on request by club bailiffs. The I D badge will be visible, so to provide instant recognition of membership.

2 .Membership of the club will expire on March 31st. The Club’s A.G.M. Will be held in April. All final membership renewals will be due on that day. Any AGM Renewals will be undertaken only at the end of the A.G.M. Any applications for membership after the AGM date will be considered as NEW membership and may be renewed under condition and application to the committee.

3. Committee members shall be elected from members of not less than 2 years standing and officers of not less than 5 years standing. Those members of the committee will represent Stoke Angling Club, showing commitment to The Club and The Club’s activities.

4. New members may only be accepted from the Hoo Peninsula provided they have been resident for 12 months.

5. Members from the Hoo Peninsula allowing their membership to lapse may seek new membership the following season, subject to application and review by the committee. Members living outside the Peninsula allowing their membership to lapse may not be re-admitted to The Club.

6. Honorary free membership may be offered to members on attaining 60 years of age, for services to the club, at the discretion of the committee.

7. ALL members are expected to attend a minimum commitment of 2 work parties. The work party season runs for the membership year. Full fee paying members attending work parties will be entitled to a reduced membership fee the following year with respect of a reduction of £10.00 per work party attended (max. reduction £20.00)- From the full £35.00 fee. Work parties will be held on the Sunday of the last COMPLETE weekend of each month. (10am – 12.00pm).

8. All members are expected to attend the Annual General Meeting and may renew membership at the end of the meeting. If unable to do so, written apologies should be sent to The Secretary.

9. A member may purchase up to 2 guest passes at a time, (£10.00 for each 24hr pass required), provided he produces his ID, purchases the guest tickets himself and stays with his guests for the duration of their fishing and is responsible for their behavior. Guests under the age of 12 years may fish free

Guests must have a valid Environment Agency Rod Fishing License (If aged 12 or over). Guest passes must be obtained before the visit to the lakes. Issue of a guest pass is subject to the water manager’s discretion.

9a. SAC Annual guest permits are available, on application, at the membership rate of that year. SAC Annual guest permits must be obtained in advance of fishing.

10. No junior shall fish all night unless accompanied by an adult. All night fishing is not to be used as an excuse to claim a swim you have no intention of fishing all night. Please note that it is considered irresponsible to sleep in comfort while fishing in reeds or heavily weeded areas as the welfare of a caught fish is at risk if the angler is unable to respond swiftly.

11. Brollys and brolly camps are to be the only form of erected weather protection.

12. Members are to approach the waters by recognised pathways only. Short cuts over fields are forbidden. There shall be no fires, no excessive or obtrusive noise. I.e. radios or TV’s etc., no swimming, no dogs, no camping and no offensive language.

13. No carp are to be kept in Keepnets. Keepnets must be knotless mesh, minimum length 8 ft. Keepnets are not allowed when the water level is below 2 ft.

13. No tackle (except a keepnet) is to be left in the water unattended.

14. All fish are to be returned to the water, dead or alive.

15. NO TINS OR BOTTLES WILL BE TAKEN TO THE LAKES. All bait is to be taken to the waterside in plastic containers. Do not over bait – take leftover bait and rubbish home. YOUR FISHING AREA WILL BE KEPT TIDY AND CLEARED OF ALL RUBBISH BEFORE YOU LEAVE.

16. Committee members will not be available outside the hours of 09.00 and 21.00 except in an emergency. No business will be discussed and no guest passes will be issued outside these hours.

17. A sign is sited at the end of the short arm of the Delf, near the level crossing, giving details of water levels and closures and other club business. It is the responsibility of the member to read it.

18. Any complaints or disputes must be put in writing to The Secretary or The Chairman. These will be discussed at the next committee meeting. If any dispute cannot be resolved at the committee meeting, the complainant will be invited to attend to discuss the problem

19. The owner and/or Club will not be held responsible for any damage or loss to personal property. Members and guests use the facilities entirely at their own risk.

20. Official work parties & club events are covered by club insurance. Unofficial work done is undertaken at the individuals’ own risk.